For as long as they can remember, over hundreds of years travelling vast distances, the Guarani have been searching for a place revealed to them by their ancestors, a place where people live free from pain and suffering, which they call Yvy marã e’ỹ‘the land without evil.’


According to the Guarani belief, the land without evil is a place of abundance, where crops grew by themselves, and no one ever died. The land without evil is not only a faraway place to be reached but it represents a personal conversion from humanity to divinity.

Hundreds of years later the search continues and this blog seek to be a journey to explore the land without evil today, represented not in the idea of a utopian Latin America, but in the strong belief that more free, equal and developed societies are possible.

I will be covering how critical political and economic events impact the development of Latin American societies, and whether they contribute or impede their developments.

This is a non-partisan platform to share and interact with observers and enthusiasts of the region through constructive dialogue and discussions.