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Cartes wins – What the electorate is trying to tell us and what are the challenges ahead

Horacio Cartes, a tobacco tycoon and a political novice, had a resounding victory in Paraguayan presidential elections, bringing back to power the Colorado Party, which ruled the country with a tight grip on power for over sixty years until 2008.... Continue Reading →

ANR is back to power in Paraguay

All exit polls show the same overwhelming numbers positioning Horacio Cartes as the new president of Paraguay with a majority in the senate. The breakdown is as follows: Horacio Cartes: 50.8% Efrain Alegre: 37.0% Ferreiro: 5.1% We are still waiting... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s Political Crisis

In a surprisingly fast sequence of events, Paraguay’s Senate voted to remove President Fernando Lugo from power pushing the country into the most serious political crisis of the last decade. While Mr. Lugo, a former Catholic bishop, accepted the results... Continue Reading →

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