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Claudia Pompa

El fin de la obediencia ciudadana

La percepción generalizada, a nivel nacional e internacional, es que las últimas protestas que tuvieron lugar en Paraguay en respuesta a los recientes escándalos de corrupción, nepotismo e impunidad son diferentes a los reclamos populares anteriores, los cuales en más... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s militarized democracy

This is my latest article published by CIP Americas last week On August 23, Paraguayans woke up to news that resembled more the days of Stroessner’s dictatorship than those of a developing democracy. On Aug. 22, Paraguay’s Congress had granted... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s Congress gives president new powers to use military intervention against citizens

For those of us who closely follow Paraguay, the past 48hs have been not only worrying, but also disturbing.  Yesterday, Paraguay’s Congress granted President Cartes power to order military interventions inside the country. The changes in the “defense and internal... Continue Reading →

Landfill harmonic – The world sends us garbage. We send back music

Today Paraguay celebrates “children’s day” and I can’t think of better way to celebrate this day than to post about this truly amazing project. About Children’s Day Children’s Day in Paraguay has its roots in the War of the Triple... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s new president…

Today is inauguration day in Paraguay. Horacio Cartes will be sworn in as the 49th president of the country with over a 100 delegations from across the world invited to take part in the event.  While Paraguayans awake to witness... Continue Reading →

In Paraguay, rural farmers fear the spread of soy

Today, Time Magazine posted the article In Paraguay, Rural Farmers Fear the Spread of Soy  Read where they talk about how the spread of soy is putting farmers livelihoods under threat with thousands of communities across rural Paraguay claiming their lands are being... Continue Reading →

Cartes and the political game of Mercosur

Cartes is a week away from taking over as President of Paraguay, yet the Mercosur political soap opera still continues… Much has been said and analysed about Paraguay and the Mercosur since the country’s suspension from the trade block last... Continue Reading →

The Promise of Oil in Paraguay

Just reading the tittle of this article, which was featured in Americas Quarterly recently, sends shivers down my spine. Oil and Paraguay, I can’t think of a worst recipe for disaster: A country with high levels of poverty and rampant... Continue Reading →

Derecho a replica…

Este post es bastante diferente a los anteriores y a los que van a encontrar en general en este blog ya que es un contra-argumento a una serie de crónicas publicadas por Mario Casartelli en E'a en donde el habla... Continue Reading →

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