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ANR is back to power in Paraguay

All exit polls show the same overwhelming numbers positioning Horacio Cartes as the new president of Paraguay with a majority in the senate. The breakdown is as follows: Horacio Cartes: 50.8% Efrain Alegre: 37.0% Ferreiro: 5.1% We are still waiting... Continue Reading →

Election Day! – Update 1

Election day in Paraguay is today. News sources reported a calm night ahead of the election and election polls are expected to be open in a few hours. I'm posting the last poll numbers that came out this week and... Continue Reading →

International press on Paraguay Elections 2013

While the international press continues to be eclipsed by the news coming out from the recent Venezuelan elections, their eyes are slowly starting to turn to Paraguay and the upcoming elections this Sunday. Unfortunately what they found is not pretty! (to... Continue Reading →

An election without options

Paraguayans are preparing to head to the polls for presidential and congressional elections at the end of the month, but the new deals cut by the political parties to secure the majority votes have raised uproar from the population who... Continue Reading →

What really happened in Curuguaty?

What happened in Curuguaty? That’s the question that has been lingering in the minds of many Paraguayans after the controversial death of Vidal Vega, the peasant leader who was a key witness to the investigations of the Curuguaty massacre. Vidal... Continue Reading →

The Seeds of Discord

In a controversial move seen by many as proof that Monsanto meddled in Paraguay’s domestic affairs, the Franco government has approved the cultivation of genetically modified corn and cotton. On August 6, Paraguay’s Health and Social Welfare Ministry’s sanctioned the... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s Political Crisis

In a surprisingly fast sequence of events, Paraguay’s Senate voted to remove President Fernando Lugo from power pushing the country into the most serious political crisis of the last decade. While Mr. Lugo, a former Catholic bishop, accepted the results... Continue Reading →

The land problem in Paraguay: an unsolvable issue?

The land issue is at the core of many social problems in Paraguay, with the government of President Lugo facing intense criticism over its poor handling of the land conflict in Ñacunday, located in the south-eastern region of Alto Paraná.... Continue Reading →

Paraguay’s Silent War

Geronimo Arevalos never intended to be a peasant leader in the struggle to stop soya taking over his country. He was not brought up in the countryside but, when he was young, he fell in love, had a child and... Continue Reading →

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