Election day in Paraguay is today. News sources reported a calm night ahead of the election and election polls are expected to be open in a few hours.

I’m posting the last poll numbers that came out this week and that were posted by Boz this week. I’ll be updating with the results of the election later on the day, follow me on Twitter @claupompa if you want regular updates during the day

Last week I published the First Analisis y Estudios poll that showed
38%: Horacio Cartes
32%: Efrain Alegre
11%: Mario FerreiroThat was supposed to be the final published poll of the campaign, but three additional polls were published this week.

Grau & Asociados poll:
45%: Horacio Cartes
31%: Efrain Alegre
9%: Mario Ferreiro

Instituto de Comunicación y Arte (ICA) poll:
48%: Horacio Cartes
33%: Efrain Alegre
7%: Mario Ferreiro

Gabinete de Estudios de Opinión (GEO) poll:
35%: Horacio Cartes
37%: Efrain Alegre
9%: Mario Ferreiro

The Grau and GEO survey data ran through 11 April and the ICA survey ran through 16 April. The GEO survey is the obvious outlier in making this race a statistical tie. Everyone else appears to give it to Cartes.

Perhaps the most important fact in these late polls is that while the Cartes number bounces around a wide range, Alegre seems stuck in the low to mid-30’s and Ferreiro hasn’t moved beyond single digits in any of them.