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Boom Times in Paraguay Leave Many Behind

Following on the topic of growth and inclusiveness, here is a piece by Simon Romero from the New York Times. Romero visited Asuncion in April during  the elections and wrote a few pieces about the country and many of its... Continue Reading →

It’s not just about growth, it’s about the quality of growth…

The Financial Times (FT) did a short piece on Paraguay this week talking about the country’s economic growth.  “Gross domestic product surged by a jaw-dropping 14.8 per cent in the first quarter, compared with the same period last year, positioning Paraguay... Continue Reading →

Tomárâho Dictionary

If I’m not mistaken you probably never heard about the Tomárâho. I never did until a few weeks ago when somebody brought to my attention news about the Tomárâho Dictionary. The Tomárâho, a subgroup of the Ishir (Chamacoco) of Paraguay,... Continue Reading →

Yluux: ‘A Window into Paraguay for the World’

I found this piece that Global Voices did on Yluux, a photoblog on Paraguay by Paraguayans. Yluxx is one of my personal favourites as they have been so extremely good in capturing the essence of Paraguay in pictures. You can read more about them... Continue Reading →

Stevia, the miracle sweetener

It was a pleasant surprise to see this morning that the BBC did a piece on Stevia and the increasing attention – and use – is getting in the US and Europe For those of you who have no idea... Continue Reading →

Inocencia Robada…La visita de Alf y el Topo Gigio al Paraguay

Hoy en vez de escribir algo, presto uno de los mejores articulos sobre la infancia en Paraguay que lei hasta ahora. La visita de Alf y el Topo Gigio al Paraguay (ver abajo)... doy fe de cada palabra de este... Continue Reading →

Undernourishment in Paraguay should be a national outrage

After my last post, which talked about Paraguay as one of the world top producers of meat, wheat and soy and its implications on poverty, it is only natural in this post I talk about the World Food Programme Hunger... Continue Reading →

No excuses for poverty – No hay excusas para la pobreza

Recently I came across this brilliant graphic (click to enlarge) which summarises my point about Paraguay. We are a rich country in pretty much everything the world needs/wants from clean energy to soy and meat. We are a country without excuses for... Continue Reading →

Un Paraguay para los próximos 200 años

Este articulo fue escrito en Mayo de 2011 en visperas del Bicentenario de Paraguay, pero nunca publicado. Hoy que celebramos otro aniversario de la independencia del pais, las reflexiones y el espiritu siguen siendo los mismos.   En el 2010,... Continue Reading →

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